CIBUS – Traceability, quality, confidence and authenticity across the entire value chain – in the palm of your hand.


CIBUS is a software that allows you work online easily – without installing anything and without special IT requirements. You can decide for one or more modules to start with – we will then configure an individual solution for you with the suitable features to match your requirements.

The module is used for quality management and traceability of plant and animal agricultural production. We work together with you to configure your optimal solution based on the desired production focus. This enables you to maintain an overview and to control the continuous quality improvement process. provides you with complete traceability and transparency in the processing of food and in trade, even over several stages. delivers all data relevant to your product – whether eco, GlobalGap, GMO-free, fair trade, sustainable or private label programs. Even if several process steps and ingredients appear to be confusing – helps you to maintain an overview.

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Supply Chain Traceability

The completely integrated traceability over the entire value chain provides you with transparency and process confidence from the field via the sheds to the shelves.

Batch Tree

The graphical batch tree gives you rapid and clear insights into the product creation process. Simple clicks lead you through the branches to the desired level of detail.

Sample and Analysis Management

Maintain your quality goals at all levels of the production using laboratory analyses and initiate immediate production stops or even recalls if there are deviations.

Certification Management

The automatic inclusion of certification data means you have a complete overview of the current status of all of your producers and suppliers, without the annoying hoarding of certificates.

Farming and Sales Contracts

Farming contracts allow you to plan your purchasing levels and to coordinate them with your warehouse capacity and sales. Reserve warehouse stock according to sales contracts and thus regulate available sales quantities.

Integrity Status

The integrity status for suppliers enables you to maintain a complete overview of the status of all certification required, the plausibility of the delivered quantities, delivery reliability and farming contracts.

Recipes & Processing

Recipe templates simplify data entries in the process and enable production losses and yields to be checked. In addition, quality and process data can be documented.

Customer Portal

The customer portal lets you permit your customers to view data pertaining to deliveries that you release on an individual basis. As an option, you can also obtain customer approval for reserved stock.

Integration & Interfaces

Standard interfaces permit the automatic exchange of data between your ERP and ECERT®. This helps you to eliminate unnecessary multiple data entry and the management of identical data.

Online Transaction System

The online transaction system supports producers in the documentation of all farming and maintenance measures, the field harvest or shed data, the feed used and treatment in animal production.

Quality Management

Store your quality handbook for your producers so they are automatically notified about any changes and always have access to the latest version.

Risk Management

Locate the external risks you have identified in the delivery chain and visualize them using geomapping. In cases of imminent danger or in a time of crisis, you can then act promptly and without delay.

Resource White Lists

Manage the approvals and limitations for all plant protection products, fertilizers, feedstuffs and pharmaceuticals for the corresponding production standard and thus achieve a high level of product confidence.

Harvesting and Planning of Purchasing Quantities

Control your harvest and delivery forecasts based on the agricultural production data acquired so that you can react early enough to delivery bottlenecks or surpluses.


Evaluate your producers using data and comparative analyses to motivate their continuous quality improvement.

Compliance Management

Validate your acquired data according to quality and standard requirements and thus guarantee a high degree of compliance and conformity at audits.

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We work with you to complete the project successfully. We start by evaluating your requirements and processes and then implement cibus according to your individual requirements.
We host your system in a professional infrastructure, train your staff and support you even after project completion.


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